Personnel and remuneration systems

1.1.7 Personnel and remuneration systems

Fingrid Oyj employed 334 (315) persons, including temporary employees, at the end of the year. The number of permanent personnel was 291 (280).

Of the personnel employed by the company, 25.0 (24.4) per cent were women and 75.0 (75.6) per cent were men. The average age of the personnel was 44 (44).

During 2016, personnel received a total of 11,647 (11,794) hours of training, with an average of 35.7 (37.4) hours per person. Employee absences due to illness accounted for 1 (2) per cent of the total working hours. In addition to a compensation system that is based on the requirements of each position, Fingrid applies incentive bonus schemes