Globalisation and sustainability

China is becoming the worlds largest economy and Asia the most important economic area in the world. Political and economic power is shifting from the West to the East, and from North to South. Europes relative competitiveness is weak, which poses a threat to the implementation of climate and energy policies dependent on capital investments. On the other hand, the EU has successfully created the worlds largest electricity market.

Major climate and energy programmes will attract more operators in the equipment and contractual market from outside of Europe. Global sourcing means longer international supply chains and increasing sustainability requirements. The mobility of the workforce makes energy companies international players.

The global financial market offers a well-managed company with a high credit rating good opportunities for flexible and affordable financing. Instability in the financial markets, particularly in the euro zone, continues, and global volatility is also affecting Finland. Regulations concerning corporate finance and social corporate responsibility are increasing on both a national and global scale. Transparency is more and more important, environmental awareness continues to grow in importance, and environmental regulation becomes ever more stringent.

Megatrends and key issues for Fingrid's operations and the areas affected