Stakeholder co-operation

We maintain daily contact with our stakeholders, and being open to their expectations is an essential part of our sustainability approach. The operations of a transmission system operator are bound to affect several third parties. Customers and Finnish society as a whole expect Fingrid to secure a reliable supply of electricity and to enable a well-functioning electricity market. Our customers expect affordable services that meet their needs. The key issues for Fingrids owners include corporate responsibility, cost-effectiveness and shareholder value. Our personnel values equal treatment, the well-being of the work community, occupational safety and opportunities for developing their expertise. Occupational safety is particularly important for Fingrids suppliers. Land owners and people living close to our transmission lines expect us to operate sustainably as regards land use and environmental issues.

In our stakeholder engagement, we operate openly, honestly and equally. An appointed executive is in charge of our customer perspective, and the heads of functions oversee stakeholder activities within their own areas of responsibility. We engage in dialogue, regularly survey the opinions of our stakeholders and publish material on our operations as openly as possible for all to see.

Fingrid's key stakeholders and channels of engagement

Fingrid's vision and values

The task of a transmission system operator is to work for the benefit of its customers and society. Fingrids vision is to be a forerunner in transmission system operation on the increasingly international electricity market. Our corporate values – transparency, impartiality, efficiency and responsibility – guide our practical operations and choices every day.

Fingrid delivers. Responsibly.

To be a forerunner in transmission system operation (Vision)

Transparency, Impartiality, Efficiency, Responsibility in all our operations (Values)

Our way of working

We set ambitious goals for our operations.

Our corporate culture is open, collaborative, renewing and target-oriented and complies with good governance practices.

We develop our operations in a balanced way and with a long-term approach, from the perspectives of our customers, society, finances and personnel.

We seek efficiency by combining our core expertise with that of the best operators in the industry.

This is how we earn the trust of our customers, society, shareholders and the work community.