Fingrid’s strategic targets and indicators

= the set target was achieved / exceeded

= close to the set target

= below the set target level, but still a good result

= below the set target, but result close to that of previous years

= result clearly below the set target



Our target in 2016

How did we do?

What are our targets in 2017?

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Impact of disturbances on the national economy and customers

Economic disadvantage of disturbances in the transmission grid to customers less than EUR 3.5 million.

The economic disadvantage was EUR 3.1 million.

Calculation method changed due to regulation, target less than EUR 7.5 million; EUR 3.5 million acc. to the previous method.


Customers trust in Fingrid

Target grade in the customer survey 3.7 (scale 1–5).

The achieved grade was 4.0. 

Trust KPI in the customer survey 4.0.


Tariff level

ENTSO-E Overview of Transmission Tariffs in Europe: top three in the benchmark group of 16 countries.

Fingrid ranked 4th.

Target unchanged.


Credit rating

To maintain Fingrids credit rating at least at the A- level.

Fingrids credit rating improved during 2016.

Target unchanged.


Dividend payout capacity

Dividend income in line with shareholders targets.

Dividend income in line with shareholders targets was achieved.

Target unchanged.



To maintain the current solid cost-effectiveness and to continuously improve productivity.

Good cost-effectiveness was maintained.

Target unchanged.



Implementation of capital investments

Implementation of the capital investment programme concerning the transmission grid to support the Finnish climate and energy strategy: investment projects on schedule and within budget.

The capex projects proceeded on schedule and within budget.

Target unchanged.

Promoting the electricity market

The key electricity market development projects and services developed were realised as planned.

The projects were implemented mostly on schedule, and the key services met the quality standards.

The grade for developing the electricity market in the customer survey was 3.8. 



Timing of outages in the transmission connections with Sweden to decrease the impact on the electricity market. Target: > 56%.

Procurement chain

No significant deviations or problems in contractor obligation or employment relationship matters.

No significant deviations or problems in contractor obligation or employment relationship matters.

Target unchanged.

Occupational safety

LTIF less than 5 by the end of 2018 (both Fingrid personnel and service providers).

LTIF was 8.

Target unchanged.

Land use and environment

No significant environment-related deviations.

One major environment-related deviation occurred.

Target unchanged.


General grade of ‘good’ in landowner surveys.

The general grade for the three completed transmission line projects was around 4, i.e. ‘good’.

Target unchanged.

Efficiency in maintenance and physical asset management

Top three in international benchmark studies (ITOMS, ITAMS).

Placed in the top three.

Target unchanged.

Operational efficiency

Top three in international operational benchmark studies.

Very close to placing in the top three. 

System security: System Average Interruption Duration Index in connection points less than 3 minutes.


Sufficiency of the system reserves at least 99.99%.


Workplace atmosphere

Top grade in the personnel survey.

The best grade was achieved.

Target unchanged.


Great Place to Work Finland survey, general series: Among the top 10 (survey every two years).

No survey in 2016.

Target unchanged.

Responsible operating methods

100% of Fingrid’s personnel has passed the Code of Conduct online training.

96% of Fingrid’s personnel has passed the Code of Conduct online training.

Grade ‘good’ for responsible operating methods in the personnel survey.